The 3 Best Photography Books For Beginners

By Andreas Lilleboe

Although the most efficient way to become a good photographer is to just go out and take tons on tons of pictures, it doesn't hurt picking up a few photography books for beginners either. The key here is that you take what you read in these books and try it out afterwards. That's how you become a pro in less time than you could imagine. There are so many books in photography, that it can be difficult to tell which ones are any good.

What I've tried to do in this article is to point out 3 best "must-read" photography books for beginners, based on reviews, forum advices and my own experience.

Beyond The Lens
by: Association of Photographers

This book is widely considered one of the best books you can get if you plan to make photography more than just a hobby. Although it's more based around how the industry works and how to make a living from photography, it will give you important insights into the mindset of professional photographers.

It is used in many professional courses throughout the world and is considered a must-read by most professionals.I recommend this for anyone wanting to take their photography to a professional level.

Digital Photographer's Handbook
by: Tom Ang

Although somewhat dated, this still remains one of the best guides to digital photography available.

It starts out somewhat basic and builds the foundation for the rest of the book beautifully. The book goes into how to plan trips, using the "digital darkroom", file maintenance and the basics of composition.

The book use everyday pictures as examples to make it easy to understand and follow along with the examples. It show you how to handle common problems that often occur when taking pictures and goes really in depth on how to take the picture from the camera, onto the computer and then making it look awesome.

I recommend this to beginners and intermediates that have little or no experience in digital image manipulation.

How to Photograph Absolutely Everything: Successful Pictures from your Digital Camera
by: Tom Ang

This is not some kind of special endorsement for Tom Ang, but he does write some really impressive books, and this one is not an exception. As the title says; you will learn how to photograph absolutely everything. How?

By teaching you the basics that are always applicable whatever you're taking pictures of. All the technical jargon is gone and the focus is put into how to take great looking photos. This is really what puts this book way ahead of similar books.The book is beautifully structured and illustrated and explains everything in plain English, making this book very accessible for anyone with digital camera.

I recommended this to beginners and beyond.

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